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Reasons To Invest In A Black Corner Tv Stand

If you have either purchased a new TV or you are simply looking for a new stand, you might want to consider investing in a black tv stand. The fact is, corner units provide many significant advantages over their counterparts. Throughout this article, we will go over some of the many advantages that a corner unit providers over a traditional center unit.

Advantages of a Corner TV Unit:

1. Better Design.

One of the significant advantages of this kind of unit is that it is simply a better overall design. A lot of the corners of rooms go unfurnished which can leave the room feeling bare or unfinished. A corner unit for your TV can tackle this problem head on and really 'fill out' your entire room as a result.

2. Save a Significant Amount of Space.

Another excellent advantage of a corner unit is the ability to save a significant amount of space. Instead of wasting an entire wall by placing a center unit against it and wasting the corners in the process, you will be able to effectively utilize one corner and have all of your remaining walls ready to be utilized in other ways. This is not only going to save a significant amount of space in the room, but it is also going to make it so that the TV doesn't take up any more space than it has to.

3. Better Viewing Experience.

Because the TV is going to be essentially backed into a wall and in a corner, you are going to be able to design the room around the viewing experience of the TV. If you are investing in a newer LED style TV, this is going to be a significant advantage for you. This is because you will be able to create an optimal viewing experience no matter where someone sits in the room with a corner unit.

4. Corner Units Are Safer.

Another advantage of getting a corner unit is that it is much less likely going to be knocked over or hit into than a center unit. Not only is it not in the center of the room, but it is going to be backed and sandwiched into a corner which will stop the TV from falling back, left, or right. This will keep your TV as safe as possible.

Ultimately, a corner unit is likely the ideal kind of unit for most rooms. It has many advantages over other kinds of units and for this reason, it is a wise investment.

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The Apex Satellite Internet Service Providers

Internet connectivity is one of the most sought after commodity in rural areas. The remote locations of these rural communities make it impractical for even the biggest DSL high speed internet provider to establish necessary infrastructures that enable internet access. The solution to this particular problem is opting for services provided by satellite broadband internet providers. Instead of passing through communication towers, cables and across different servers, the data goes in and out to space toward the corresponding provider satellite. This arrangement is expected to be slower than regular DSL connections as it logically seems to be the case.

However, some of the best satellite internet providers have significantly improved their services and they can even match if not surpass most lower-end DSL subscriptions. Their internet speed has become very fast and reliable with most applications that are essential for small and large businesses and institutions. The said businesses and institutions can make use of VoIP (Voice Over IP) as alternative for regular phone service, VPN (Virtual Private Network) for establishing a manageable and dedicated corridor exclusive to their network of branches and sub-offices.

The top satellite internet service providers that always come out on top in almost all reviews found online are Hughesnet, Exede and Dishnet. These providers offer all-around excellent services with some differences in features between them. Reading up on at least one legitimate review will give you the general idea of how they fare in providing internet connection via satellite.

One glaring shortcoming of Dishnet when compared with the other two is that it does not include email accounts on its packages. If subscribers can do without that feature or choose to overlook it, Dishnet is still a great option. Some of their packages offer satellite cable television. Their main strength lies in the variety of subscription packages to choose from. Subscribers can pick one package that matches their lifestyle, eliminating any excess features that they may hardly ever use. All in all, this particular internet satellite provider is worth looking into if the subscriber has to have internet television, connectivity and phone service.

Exede, as its name would have it, exceeds subscribers expectations. Reviews indicate that their advertised download and upload speed, 12Mbps and 3Mbps respectively, are inaccurate. The average number from reported speeds indicate that it can reach up to 17Mbps and 4.8Mbps. Never has false advertising betrayed customers in a beneficial way. It trumps the speed of Dishnet by quite a large number, and Hughesnet by a just a few. Another of its subscriber-friendly feature is the late-night free zone where the data counter does not count the data used from midnight to 5am. Such feature is absent in other providers and already puts Exede on a stable position as one of the top providers.

Last but not the least is Hughesnet. A lot of subscribers boast that this provider's feature-rich services evidently exist to make them know that they are getting a lot of attention from the provider. One of these is the worry-free data extensions that can be availed once the limit is reached. The increments are reasonable and lessens any excess payments for large data extensions that will not be used up by the end of the month. Its mobile satellite internet is also very appealing especially to subscribers who do a lot of traveling for hobby and for a living.
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Discover The Essential Conveniences Of Siem Systems

Security Information and Event Management- SIEM for short -can be confusing. Basically, it allows all the occasion information of everybody that logs right into a facilities to be more quickly taped and also detected. If you are dealing with a network of computer systems in a workplace or a college, for instance, the logging of occasions is essential. SIEM is a legacy technology that was already provided to larger establishments that can manage the much more complex safety and security system. Today, though, it is feasible for also smaller sized businesses as well as organizations to apply the very same SIEM security system. Listed here are the even more usual benefits:

SIEM Security Enables a More Streamlined Systems Compliance per User who Logs In

Is anyone utilizing a certain application that may possibly harm the system? Are unauthorized downloads occurring? Is somebody making use of a proxy server which could allow sure activities to be hidden? Is anyone downloading and install material that is not enabled in the system since it could let bacteria and also other risks in? These things could possibly be much more conveniently detected, recorded, tracked and also obstructed with the aid of an SIEM safety and security system. It can even manage the activities of an individual who ought to not be gaining access to the system. Without having the SIEM security, these safety and security threats might be tough to detect and also quit on site.

SIEM Services Permits Simpler Uncovering of Events

In a relatively huge infrastructure, the suspicious actions of an unapproved computer might be hard to discover. As an example, documents might be hacked through the network if the unapproved customer is finally able to obtain right into the system. With SIEM protection solutions, one could quickly find and also stop a number of fell short logins from the exact same gadget. Each gadget is likewise determined as a wireless or a wired individual, so you understand if an individual is hacking right into your account making use of a cellphone, as an example. This is an essential feature for companies that maintain personal data like credit rating card details, or customer information.

They Facilitate Tracking Revisions in System Logs

While among the benefits of SIEM protection services includes network or universal accessibility to log credit records, any type of weather changes to these log credit records are also reported. Also information as to which computer made the changes can be spotted, which permits for the mapping of user activity. This is an essential function especially in offices and institutions wherein an individual that is not conforming to the guidelines may be proficient adequate to make modifications to the log documents. It permits openness in the system, and also at the same time, allows the admin to limit accessibility to certain documents and also data also.

SIEM Help the Administrator Keep Protective Applications Upgraded

If you are interested in getting SIEM remedies for your business or little organization, go to the best in the business.

If you have firewalls and anti-virus programs installed in your system, SIEM can track updates. This will certainly keep your security system current whatsoever times. You won't need to fret about brand-new pests or malwares striking your system as well as endangering your vulnerable files. Hacking efforts, when effective, can substantially interrupt your business procedures. With the SIEM remedies made much more affordable, your small company or company could be enabled to be accessed on the internet without being threatened.

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Shopping For The Top Gaming Laptop Under 1500

There are a lot of different gaming laptops available on the market. In order to find the best laptops, you are going to need to do your research. The fact is, you should be able to find the best laptops by looking at several factors. In this article, we will be going over some of these factors that you must consider. Shopping For The Top Gaming Laptop Under 1500:

1. Performance Capability.

The first thing that you are going to want to look for is the capability of the laptop. This refers to the performance capability of it. After all, if you are buying a gaming laptop, it is very likely that you are buying it in order to run some games. Therefore, you are going to want to be sure that the laptop is able to run all of the games that you currently play and games that you are interested in playing in the future. If you are someone that only plays indie games or games that do not require a lot of processing power in terms of graphics and CPU usage, then you are likely going to be good with a lower end gaming laptop. Whereas, if you are someone that has to play the latest and greatest AAA games and games that require a lot of processing power, you are going to want to shop at the higher end of the price range.

2. Brand/Warranty.

Another thing that you are going to want to do when you are planning on dropping close to 1500 on a gaming laptop is ensure that you are investing in a solid brand. You want to be sure that you are choosing to invest your money into a brand that stands behind their products with a good manufacturers warranty. That way, if anything happens to your PC as a result of a manufacturers defect, you are going to be able to get it taken care of at no cost to you.

3. Reviews.

Another important thing to consider when shopping for the best gaming laptop under 1500 is the reviews of the individual products. You want to be certain that you are investing in a laptop that is highly rated on the marketplace. That way, you are able to find the best laptop that is highly rated by consumers. That way, you know that you are putting your money towards a good product.

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How Iphone And Apple Watch Dock Xstand Keeps My Devices Looking As Good As New

The idea of buying a new iPhone or Apple watch and having it look like it is a hundred years old one week later gets to me. It can be very devastating when you have to start looking for a cover for your iPhone. To make the matter worse, most of the ones you seem to find are not within your taste and specifications.

Most of the smartphones get all that scarring on the screen from haphazard placement on rough tables, on covers of books and other surfaces when charging. But when you buy the iPhone and Apple watch dock XStand, it solves all that for you.
It is feels good to have your phone out in the open and have it look the exact same way it did when you first bought it. That is the kind of life I live with the apple watch and iPhone dock Xstand that I bought a few weeks ago.

The stand holds my phone as I use it

I do love catching a video every now and then on my iPhone, of which I find the screen resolution more appealing than my laptop. One of the few indulgencies that I have allowed myself in life is my iPhone and nothing beats lying back on the bed and catching a good video.

The thought of knowing that my iPhone is stable on the stand makes me feel good and I can even concentrate on my work when it is charging. While an iPhone may not feel expensive to you, well, to me, it is! Thus, I tread like a princess in glass shoes when I am around mine.

I can be very clumsy at times. The XStand has been instrumental in ensuring that I do not drop my phone due to the need to carry my phone everywhere. I do not need to hold my phone while using it on loud speaker, which eliminates the chances of me dropping it. My devices have been kept as good as new and my iPhone and apple watch dock Xstand has made that happen.

It protects my iPhone
How many things do you have on your home desk? If you were to ask me that question, you would probably be so shocked at my answer. I have everything you can think of. From books, pens, magazines to my coffee mug, No judgments, organization is important but imagine yourself, just from work or school, tired to the point of not knowing what you will eat. All you can think of doing is dropping everything on the floor or the table in this case, and getting into bed.

How many people will first think of keeping your iPhone and apple watch in an orderly manner away from all the rough clutter? I know I would not. The XStand apple watch and iPhone dock is very instrumental in such times. It is has a casing in which I place my iPhone and Apple watch as they charge.

This goes a long way in ensuring that things such as pens that would otherwise cause markings on my iPhone and Apple watch covers are kept at bay. The Apple watch and iPhone dock separates my appliances from everything else on the table.

The XStand is available now through Amazon.

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Getting The Right Laptop Computer For You

With the wide choice of laptop models readily available today, with each sporting impressive new features like solid-state drive, choosing what kind of laptop computer to buy can be complicated. In 2016, you really need to think carefully what kind of laptop you ought to get before you take out your credit card and add an expensive mistake to your Amazon cart.

Your requirements are exactly what you must take into factor to consider when you go out to buy a laptop. Some like to see their laptop computers as extensions of their home entertainment systems, or use them for intensive gaming. Prior to purchasing a laptop computer, you first need to identify the function for which you will utilize it, as it may note be the best laptop for CAD or Photoshop, for example.

Individuals who need to be on the road or in the air a lot like business executives, journalists and freelance consultants, should shop for a laptop that is simple to bring along, does not utilize power as quickly and is small enough to be fired up easily in confined seats on the train or in an airplane. If you are going to do a lot of personal or business travel, these elements need to count a lot when you choose your new laptop computer.

The common notebook computer used by travelers is a machine that weighs no less than 4 pounds and has a 12-inch screen measured diagonally. The size of the hard disk may be minimal and too small for you, so it is essential that the laptop computer you will make use of for traveling has a built-in DVD/CD-RW combination drive or a solid-state drive (SSD). This will sufficiently resolve your storage requires. The capability for cordless networking is also needed in ultra-light laptops, in case you wish to access the Internet while you are on the go.

Size and weight are vital elements that travelers need to look at. Laptop that are to be used for gaming are packed with a large-size hard disk drive, memory that is 512MB or more, a powerful video card and sound card, an integrated DVD/CD-RW, networking capabilities and a widescreen display. Most of the popular video game today are power-gobblers that can stretch the performance of a computer system to its limit; a gaming laptop ought to have the ability to meet the resource needs of these power-hungry video game. Laptop computer computers that can be used for video gaming are likewise terrific extensions of a home theater and entertainment system.

It does not actually matter if the device is light enough or has a long battery life when you choose a laptop for your gaming needs. You would not be bring it around a lot and it is highly most likely that it will be plugged to a main source of power all the time.

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The Differnce Between Free And Open Source

“Free” and “Open-source” are two search engine terms that make the Linux OS to separate itself from the throng of Windows and Mac. Though most typical computer users anywhere work on the last-mentioned two mentioning explanations as user-friendly and program accessibility, technical support etc, the operator base of Linux is gathering quicker than predicted. It is a fact though that Windows is simplier and easier to use than the Linux equivalent, but desktop environments such as KDE and Unity desktop come close to the convenience of Windows. Most of the software like games, media players have to be bought at a minimal cost for Windows, the Linux repositories are regularly cost free to use and experiment.

Even so, there are lots of popular versions of games and other programs that are not currently available for Linux, covered at this Technozed article. Many hardware makers also don’t produce Linux driven products. This has slowed down the popularity of this OS. In relation to support, Windows does have a substantial customer base and therefore a entrenched support backing. Precisely the same might not be so for all the Linux flavors, but a considerable amount of online support is obtainable through numerous independent coders along with fee based technical support from groups like Canonical Ltd of Ubuntu.

When it comes to safety, simply because most of the open and profitmaking offices along with schools, general public use Windows for general applications, it is also just about the most vulnerable to attack by cyber hackers. It isn’t true that computer viruses and malware are not coded for Linux, but their quantities are considerably lower than those coded for Windows. This makes the operating system a really engaging alternative to the more standard Microsoft offering.

From the over 200 sorts of distributions readily available, some of the more typical ones are RedHat, Ubuntu, Knoppix, Debian, Fedora Core, SUSE etc. Ubuntu is a Linux operating system according to the Debian architecture. It is mainly targeted in the direction of the home PC/desktop, smart-phone and network server market segment. The unity desktop design of Ubuntu is popular for its user-friendliness. The Debian project is itself a Linux distribution and one of the first. It has 3 off-shoots called stable, testing and unstable. A crowd of unpaid assistant creators under three foundations are in a position for development under this program. Ubuntu also offers a free 5 Gb cloud computing environment. Ubuntu is maintained by the Canonical Ltd which is a UK centered enterprise and generates money through technical support offered to its {users|end-users).

Red Hat Enterprise Linux is a more commercial distribution with stringent trademark and distribution guidelines. It even has its own Red Hat Certification Program and the redistribution is firmly controlled through authorized guidelines. Red Hat uses the RPM (Red Hat Package Management) system for package management which is completely opposite than Ubuntu’s Debian Package Management systems (APT and DPKG). The RPM is also used by various other distributions like Fedora.

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What About Ubuntu

From the over 200 sorts of distributions attainable, some of the more leading ones are RedHat, Ubuntu, Knoppix, Debian, Fedora Core, SUSE etc. Ubuntu is a Linux OS dependant upon the Debian framework. It is mainly focussed towards the home PC/desktop, smart-phone and network server marketplace. The unity desktop scheme of Ubuntu is popular for its user-friendliness. The Debian project itself is a Linux distribution and one of the originals. It has 3 off-shoots titled stable, testing and unstable. A crowd of volunteer creators under three foundations are employed for development under this project. Ubuntu also provides a free 5 Gb virtual computing space. Ubuntu is owned by the Canonical Ltd which is a United Kingdom based business and creates revenue via technical support provided to its end-users. More can be researched if you look at Technozed on linux.

Fedora is a free and open source venture that is sponsored by Red Hat. It is an upstream-centric project which follows developing technologies and generates software updates that might be setup throughout all packages and bundles. It has three varients – workstation, server and cloud. The original one is targeted for PC and laptop use. Its Graphical User Interface is influenced by the GNOME desktop environment. The Fedora Server is normally a network server/data centre program OS which does not come with a default desktop environment. Fedora cloud is a stripped down essential type of the Fedora OS formulated particularly for Cloud Computing and utilizes modest computing assets.

The Linux Operating System was built on a UNIX-like background with GNU implements and functions. The simple form of Linux referred to as the kernel handles the I/O, RAM and CPU and handles the requirements from greater level programs. Nevertheless, the kernel on its own is not sufficient to afford functionality to the operating system due to the fact its interface is low-level and will appear garbage to a unsophisticated user. The kernel needs an array of other software applications like Graphical User Interfaces and folder administration structures etc to complete the operating system bundle. This is the place where the distributions come in. A distribution type speaks of a Linux bundle that is customized for a particular sort of program or utilization. Every single distribution typically comprises of the Linux kernel, related libraries and utilities, additional software and applications together with their machine and source codes in order that they can be developed later by the user, and a GUI typically based upon a window method, just about the most frequent being the X window method. Live CD/USB running feature of Linux makes it feasible to utilize the operating system without even installing it on the personal computer or netbook. The software repository feature of Linux assists the users to download a plethora of application programs effortlessly.

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The Windows 8.1 Product Key

A product key like the Windows 8.1 product key is the unique combination of alphanumeric code along with the different lengths that are required by any software programs prior to installation. Most of the time, they are also called as key codes, product codes, installation keys and CD keys. Operating systems such as Windows 8 or 8.1 from Microsoft require this group of numbers and letters when you will be installing the system. Software manufacturers can provide for assurance that the copy of the software was purchased legally and genuine. Also, product activation is required by software makers such as Microsoft. The goal is to secure that the software was obtained legally and not installed on multiple PCs.

How and Why We Need To Get the Windows 8.1 Product Key?
As mentioned, it is necessary for you to get the Windows 8.1 key. This is a one way of ensuring Microsoft that you are using the genuine copy of their software. Also, this will allow you to make use of all the features that comes with the operating systems. Unlike the fake operating system (OS) software wherein fake product keys were used, a genuine product key will help you extend the use of your OS. This is because you will not have any problems prior to the activation process.

So, where can you find this Windows 8.1 serial number? Just like the previous operating systems from Windows, the 8.1 version can be preinstalled in your device or be given to you via disc. It can also be emailed to you upon your purchase online. If ever you cant find the key, you can always make use of finder tools for windows 8.1 serial keys.

Can Windows 8 Activator Be Used to Activate Windows 8.1?
Many people are worried on how to find for the genuine Windows 8.1 product key. This is especially when it comes to the process of activating the latest OS version. If you are one of those people who want to choose for the faster way to activate their Windows OS, there are other popular choices such as KMSpico and KMSAuto lite third-party Windows 8 activators.

These software options provide for the free, efficient and an advanced activator you can find on the market. These activators are offering an on-click activation step with a faster speed. This makes it more efficient than the normal activation process that takes minutes or hours.

When looking for a Windows 8.1 product key, you can always choose to go through your email and search for its downloadable version if you are purchase it legally. Or, you can check out the DVD or the sticker that comes with your system. If you cant find the key during the activation process, you can always opt for different activators available online. Just make sure that you choose for a licensed provider of the key and software to prevent dispute with the use of the software.

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The Reasons To Consider A Waterproof Phone As Your Next Smartphone Purchase

We all have that friend. The one who yet again is phone-less because the phone got dropped in the loo, or a pint, or fell in to a puddle, or put in the washing machine. We may be that person. We may have laughed and jibed, but inwardly would have been thinking Thank Goodness it wasnt me. And, in reality, given that our phones are with us more than our nearest and dearest, its hardly surprising that at times they get exposed to conditions they dont like. Enter the solution: the waterproof phone the tough phone to withstand the rigours of everyday life.

Smartphones, as electronics, are inherently at risk of damage from water. They are sensitive pieces of equipment but are constantly under threat of damage just from regular use. Once the phone has been exposed to water-damage, things are only going in one direction. Firstly, youll probably resort to Google and eagerly read up on all the home-based techniques to try and repair the damage, which may result in a short-term extension of the death-sentence. This will then likely be followed with a trip to a mobile phone store to pay to have the damage fixed. Youll then learn that this expense needs to come from your own pocket insurance rarely covers Sorry I dropped my phone in the loo. This is where it gets costly: Water breaks phones. In most cases, youre going to be forking out for an entirely new handset.

The corrosion caused by water will break the phone. Maybe not immediately, but at some point, most likely when it is least convenient, you will find yourself phoneless all because of a simple error or slip. It is costing you time and money.

But this situation can be easily avoided with a new generation of phones that are, to varying degrees, water-resistant and water-proof. The minimal additional outlay is far outweighed by the peace of mind of knowing that you wont be shelling out for a new handset due to water, or left without a phone: your vital technological communication tool essential for work and play. This turns in to real financial savings the first time your new phone comes in to contact with moisture and you can know that youre safe from the costly outlay of a new handset - due to a sensible decision at the purchase stage.

If you have a water-resistant or Waterproof Phone that is specifically designed to withstand exposure to moisture and water, you simply wont encounter unresponsive touchscreens or faulty buttons, just because of a moments lapse in concentration. You wont be left playing Russian Roulette wondering if today will be the day the water-damage wins the day and youre left out of touch and out of pocket.

Waterproof phones arent just the reserve of the outdoors types, or those working in harsh environments: they are a real practical solution for everyone who wants to protect themselves and their expensive equipment against simple accidents that occur simply because we are human. They rarely look much different to other phones, they still fit in on the style front, but they are a practical everyday solution to real life everyday occurrences. A waterproof phone makes sense for everyone. Dont be caught out when theres such a simple solution.

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How I Use The Fourflexx Ipad Holder In My Hairdressing Business

Hairdressing is an art that often involves the use of your hands, be it weaving, plaiting or blow-drying. I use my iPad a lot in gaining knowledge, communicating and making hairdressing an enjoyable activity at my work place. Since I am always busy using my hands, holding my iPad becomes an inconvenience that actually forced me to look for a solution. In the past, I had to be too cautious to ensure it does not fall down and break due to slippery or oily palms. However, the struggle ended when I came across the FourFlexx iPad floor stand and holder. It has made things easier for me.

I get new hair care ideas from the internet through my tablet

I use the holder to watch videos about hair care. It enables my employees and I to follow the procedures in the videos and at the same time apply them in hairdressing. My clients have so far loved most of the things that we have done with their hair. No one has to hold the iPad for others to see; I simply mount it on the stand and let each hairdresser watch the video.

The holder also helps in ensuring effective viewing of the content on the iPad. The FourFlexx stand has ball-points that allow anyone to rotate it at any angle. Therefore, in case any hairdresser claims that he or she has not seen an image or followed a procedure well, the stand is easily rotated for him or her to see what is being demonstrated or explained.

Best hands-free iPad and smartphone holder for me

I also use the stand as a safe place for my workplace phone. I just turn one of the four legs of the iPad holder into a holder for my business phone. It is that flexible! This makes it easy for one to hastily respond to phone calls when doing other duties, especially from clients who need to be attended to, unlike when I have a phone that is far away from me. This tablet holder is the best hands-free kit in the market.

It is not for the iPad only â it can hold other tablets too

The FourFlexx holder can be used with a variety of tablet brands. It is compatible with all 7 to 13 inch tablets like the Google Nexus 7, Sony eReader, Nook and many other brands. In my family, we have different kinds of tablets, but we do not have to buy many tablets. I may be using my iPad today, yet tomorrow I will carry Samsung Galaxy to work.

My hairdressers vary in height. The FourFlexx stand accommodates all of them. It is fully adjustable to any height and position ranging from 6 to 31 inches. This is due to its flexible gooseneck legs. Therefore, I easily choose a height comfortable for all. The FourFlexx iPad floor stand is very useful and effective in hairdressing. It makes learning easier. It is flexible. It is ensures my iPad is safe.

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Blifaloo's Computer Tips - Help For Beginners and Seniors

When I talked my grandma into getting online in the late 90s, I had to learn how to teach a different generation how to use computers. Since then, I have been the "family geek", and carry the burden of being an unpaid computer technician & tutor.
Those are my credentials. I'm no expert, but have plenty of computer and internet experience, and try to share some of the common issues and solutions in the following articles and features. Note: all tips and articles on these pages are geared towards Windows users (sorry no Mac help here).
The computer help articles feature a range of topics from speeding up windows to removing viruses and even shopping online safety advice.
I have also included list of recommended books and links on computer and internet that are geared towards seniors and new computer users: they are at the end of this article.
While holding down the Ctrl button on your keyboard -- rotate the scroll wheel in the middle of your mouse. (see image on right)
Go ahead and give it a try, right now. On most computers this will magnify / shrink the size of websites.
Rolling the mouse wheel up will make everything bigger, while rolling the mouse wheel down will have the opposite effect.
So, next time you are having trouble reading small text on a website, simply hold down control and use the scroll wheel. Very handy -- pass this on to your friends.
It's the best thing since... Ctrl+c.
Alternative method: hold down CTRL and tap on the + and - buttons on the keyboard for the same effect. Search text within any Web page
Ever end up on a site from a search engine, but can't find the exact words you are looking for? The answer is: Ctrl + f
Go ahead and hold down the Ctrl button on your keyboard and press "f" -- you should see a search box pop-up somewhere on your screen. (Usually near the bottom of the window). Now you can type any word into that search box and your internet browser with find and highlight each instance of that word as it appears on the page. You can also click the "next" button to allow the page to auto-scroll to the next instance of the word.
Neat, eh? I use this feature all the time. Dealing With Error Messages If you receive an error message you don't understand:
Type the error message into Google Search. You'll find other's who have had the same issue, and hopefully someone who has found the solution, as well. Don't just read one discussion or solution -- take the time to read a few different websites opinions before jumping to a conclusion.
This is an important lesson -- you can type any question into Google in plain english. It's so easy, but I am always amazed at how many people have problems "searching". Just search for what other people would search for... you are bound to stumble upon at least one person who has had the same problem as you and asked it to one of the many online discussion forums or Q&A sites like Yahoo Answers.
Also see: No Bootable Devices Error - for a quick fix to try before replacing or formating your HDD. -- I'll be updating this section regularly with new computer tips, bookmark and check back often.
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